Tuesday, September 1, 2015

~ the making of {organic} cakes.. .

our 2nd attempt.. .
Cocoa Blueberry & Carrot Cranberry
sugarless cake recipes tweaked a little, from Julie Stafford's book 'Complete Taste of Life'
pretty yum!
still a lot of learning to go!

{i never thought i would make a cake, i barely struggle to cook! it literally is "all new to me!!!"}

organic whipped cream, organic strawberries

& trying to make an organic fondant, it turned out more like a marzipan but looked like the  gorgeous stonework on 100 year old buildings {timeworn & precious} which i love! {& its all organic!}

 {patience, endurance, long-suffering = cake making :)  it really is a labour of love!}
sugar petals, & fondant frills!

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