my creations

watercolour portrait ~ Russian nesting doll <3

pink pearl in silk oyster shell

crocheted leather journal

fabric lampshade with mother of pearl button garlands

French lace & white leather

silk ruffled journal

lace silk journals

matchbox journal favours

lace & cotton journal with rolled rose

beaded silk crown

crochet lace, embroidered journal


art shoe 

lace & crochet leather journal {with ruffles}

embroidered lace/linen tabs

creating happy moments with fairy lights

silk pocket

plaster shoe

needle felted bear

crocheted lace

embroidered rose {with ruffles}

silk babie's hat

doily journal with embroidered tabs

rose sampler

smocked pearl shell

Valentine's heart

tea cup patterns

lace/plaster Easter egg

powder blue inspiration board

needle felted bear

altered journal/ephemera journal

leather journals/silk ruffles/crocheted medallions

acrylic silhouette

silhouette pages
watercolor roses


chalk portrait

 crepe paper topiary tree

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