Tuesday, September 11, 2012

~ "Hitch your wagon to a star"

silk roses, a little tutorial:

to make these fabric roses, you will need an assortment of fabric in three different shapes...

fold the rectangle in half first, right side out, & stitch along the open edge, pulling it into a ruffled centre

don't tie off the end, just simply fold one of the smaller squares into a triangle, stich along the open edge & form the first petal, always with the right side of the fabric where you can see it! then continue to mix & match fabric types, & smaller & larger squares, until your flower is as full as blooming as you'd adore it to be!

or you can just stop st the first rectangle & make such sweet little blooms...

i added a leaf

by folding fabric scraps of silk & lace into diamond shapes & gathering one end a smidgen

today i'd like to fill a rowboat with my dreams, & scatter those dreams into the glistening harbour, so they can float.. .out to sea & up to heaven,
ever to abide! 
lots of beautiful horizons to you!!! <3
& her billowing loveliness!!! {Jennifer Collier}


Monday, September 10, 2012

~ how possibly so!

a colourboard/inspiration piece to remind me of things that inspire me today, crocheted flowers, a bracelet of lilac, my soft pink hydrangeas that turned to lavendar when pressed, painted roses, picot edges & ribbonsilk. i want it to look like my Little Nanna's house, crackled peeling wallpaper entwined delicately within soft folds of tenderness & the loveliness of life
& below, a gift i wrapped for my Mum to drop by a little bit of kindness & cheer to one who needed it so, layering flowers with ribbon & shimmer


"When we bead, we pray. And when we have finished our work, we choose one bead of a different colour so that our work is flawed, to remind us that noone is perfect."
Apache Mother {Miracle at Sage Creek}


my second inspiration board, born of powder blue, because i am genuinely melted by this colour lately.i filled it with my favourite little pieces{a little tag from Gumnut Yarns that says Australian grown & spun! a lace butterfly, a glittering sticker, some pearl white stamen, a cornflower blue ribbon & my favourite aqua silk, with a crocheted edge}, & i'm sure i shall add more... i made the frame myself! i found the two pieces of decorative dowling at Michael's craft shop, used my dad's mitre saw to trim the edges, then painted it a darker shade with a lighter shade dry-brushed over the top.

& on a mint-green day:

little droplets of heaven to you!!!



{love,} in the swirl of my days, when it radiates


in the swirl of these days are an iris in hand, crocheted rocks, kittens in curls, hearts made of petals, mice with their milk, & dream-catching doilies :) that make my heart endearfully radiant & buoyantly full!!

but i wish i could fill the world with colour too:
pearl's blush
shell's shimmering splendour
soft moss
forest warmth
glowing ember


& a journal in the making, a treasure for my Mum

kittens on windowsills & Chinese painting{my sister's exuberant bounty}
such hearts & billowings of soft & glorious thoughts for you!


Saturday, September 8, 2012

these thoughts ~ these shining, breathing thoughts

{her bouquet of dreams}

a needle felted bear

{they are the poems of my heart,
the tranquil answers forged in gold,
anticipating whispers ~
heart hopes, billowings of incandescent light, rising.. .thriving.. .{endeavour on!}
glowing embers.. . truly lit,
oh how you grow!}

~ belonging

to a journey, & sharing it with you!!!