Monday, September 7, 2015

~ Castle Cake

trialling ideas, still in the training stage ~ 75% researching/trying recipes, 25% decorating.. .it is a lot, trying to figure out & learn new techniques!

a cake made in remembrance of the watchtower of one of our Royal Irish Ancestors <3

{& thankful to have both English & Irish history! More family/historical cakes to come! it is quite exciting to put old skills to a new medium, one that can nourish & give so much joy! at first i wanted to cry that something which took so many meticulous hours & hard work, would be gone in a matter of minutes.. .then after it was sitting in the fridge deteriorating on the second day, i could see, cakes are meant to be eaten, the Effort is to Benefit & Delight everyone! a lasting impression, creating/curating beauty in moments & memories! :) lots of learning curves, on every level!!!}

{& watching the most amazing class by Alexandria Pellegrino of Cake Opera Co on craftsy.. .!!!}

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