~ such as inspires me!


i believe in Sheepskins for Babies
Old Fashioned Prams
& Art~Expression~Emotion{Really, our house is one large art box!}

Doll Houses & white stockings
Smiling{especially at others}
bergamot & rosewood {the fragrance ~& anti-bacterial properties :) ~ of essential oils}

{fires, heaters, socks, blankets, Hearts}
Being all that we can Be {in Loveliness, Hope & kindness}

My Brothers {Songwriters, Wordsmiths!}
Compassion{That Everyone needs loveliness & kindness to Survive}
Dreaming {for out of prayerful yearning comes a Bounty to Behold! ~ 
"Hitch your wagon to a Star!" it refreshes the Soul on Weary, Woeful Days}

Prayer, & Pondering the Scriptures {hydration ~ Sustenance for the Soul!}
Families, & Mothers ~ 

& the quote, 
"She is Life Itself!" ~ the power of femininity & Virtue, the gentle caring softness that it Brings,

i believe in Our Redeemer,

& He Believes in You!

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