Wednesday, July 11, 2018

~ building palettes & collecting thread.. .

a couple of watercolor palettes filled for a friend
{& the dearest comment, thank you!}
new slippers {which i always love!}
a special delivery of gum nut yarns
{especially love the texture of the wool!}

delicate wishes all round!!!

Tuesday, July 10, 2018

~ garden dreams!

if i could have a garden filled with flowers.. .

it would be these roses, day lillies, irises {such colors!} & dahlias,
lavender & sage & rosemary & basil,
peach trees & plum trees &
blossoming almond trees
oh so many beautiful things!

images 1 - 10 are basically my wishlist from Heirloom Roses, it is so exciting to receive that brown box in the mail, with a real living rose plant inside! they are easy to plant, easy to grow, & Heirloom Roses is so wonderful to work with!

& images 11 & 12 are the bulbs we just planted from OrganicaArts on etsy, also lovely plants! These are the cafe au lait dahlia & the white ginger, i can't wait till they bloom!

sending dancing petals & swaying breezes on a lazy Summers day!

Saturday, June 30, 2018

~ planner love. .

having not been able to find exactly the colors wanted, I've decided to make my own A6{4 x 6"} & B6{5 x 7"} planners, with leather from PeggySueAlso on etsy

but after having cut it to size, I'm wanting to take them down to the local leather guy & see if he can stitch them up{since.. .no sewing machine!} one of these days!

~ inserts {jotting down days.. .}

i've been using these more as i go rather than preplanning, & am really loving it lately! 
i sit down when i can & do up a few weeks in advance, as i never know if ill get busy & have no time 
{& also  it seems to take me 2 1/2 months to collect the amount of stickers that The Planner Sophisticate acquires in 2 weeks!}

{then i forgot to buy the next months insert & reprinted jan-feb so now have to find some stickers to cover that.. .learning the ropes!}

Sadies Stickers
for now just penciling in as i want to use gold/silver ink & a dip pen ~ i'll sit down one day & go over it

i really love these as you can buy the pages ala carte so i just got the one page & love it!

the Graceful Planner
her designs are beautiful but not loving the matte sticker paper 
{she now has a premium matte available for kits!}

when the middle of your insert comes out & you love the lavender greys with the powder blues!
i had wanted to hoard this wave washi forever but couldn't resist putting it down!

La Petite Paper Co
love the bow clips with this spread!

Sadies Stickers
love the Color Pop foiled weekday headers!

My Newest Addiction
hoping this kit reappears for a little while as its become one of my all time favs & id love to use it in Jesenia's new daily inserts!

have a precious night petals! until next week <3

~ a few of my favorite planner related things.. .

{more on insta}


~ my heart in a garden.. .


~ these cakes.. .

 skateboard themed