Sunday, June 17, 2018

~ love.

roses for you.. .

{i have been waiting for these all Winter!}


~ snippets,

of our days ~

cakes in the making,
color swatches
church steeples

precious thoughts dear hearts!

~ old & new {moments}

this week was pondering Princess Mary saying "our roots are always growing" &
 "not to dare to begin is to lose oneself" ~ such a gracious, poignant & beautiful speech!

also, watching a Russian watercolorist beginning her live video by saying, "I've been dreaming of this all day! .. .i love watercolor because i have to be patient & calm" ~ & I've thought about patience in that context, how patience is not just about waiting to arrive, {aren't we always waiting.. .to grow up, finish school, get married, have kids, get a car, buy a house etc etc etc}

but about gathering & collecting {life, experiences, talents, knowledge etc} along the way, about taking our moments & using them, wisely & well

 life is not just about arriving, but about becoming {good & kind & thoughtful & able}
& there is so much good we can do each day without having "arrived".. .have courage in patience & make those moments count! make them beautiful! .. .plant some roses, read a book {when all else fails, pray!} & pretty soon there will be a garden of flowers where, only moments before, a patch of dirt had been.. .

have a gentle day brave hearts!
sending all my best

Thursday, June 14, 2018

~ these weeks,

{filled with birthdays & petals!}
 happy days to you dear hearts!

~ a fairytale palette

this new coliro {formerly finetec} palette that i love!

this also looks like a beautiful palette!

~ moments

chasing light