Monday, September 21, 2015

~ a {few} week's worth,

it is something rather remarkable how a talent is born,
& how {really struggling! to make} one cake for a dear one can have all the seeds of all the future cakes made within it

thankful for small miracles!
{& for my sisters help!!!}

~ Saturday,

tomato vines at Fleishing's 
& the warm industrial glow that is Le Pain de Quotidian 

soft hugs! 

~ an activity for my Sister,

My Sister & i were invited to do a journal activity for her Laurel's class.. .
it was pretty Lovely in deed!!!

favorite quotes/moments from the night ~
~ "that is so aesthetically pleasing!"
~ "they're like da Vinci's notebooks!"
~ "I have a marble collection" 
"i have a collection of tears {aaaaw!!!!}" 
"i don't have any collections!" 
"now you all have a collection of journals! {one leather & one of the altered book variety, yay!}"
~ "when i write my Children's Books will you illustrate them for me?" {directed at my sister ~ when did 17 year olds become so responsible!}

a Lovely night,
awhirl & awhir with Chatter & Treasured Tenderness!