Friday, March 29, 2013

~ Spring visitors!



{& flowers that remind me of a Kristy Gammill painting}

Thursday, March 21, 2013

~ thoughtful


{wondering upon it, this ruffly rose.. .
how to finish it, what leaves to make.. .}
but for now,

Saturday, March 16, 2013

~ roses {my heart is found in them}

beginning another rose on what is becoming a rose sampler  :)

already a couple of late night hours into it & still not sure if it will even work, i'd like to make some ruffles curl at the tip of the petal if i can figure out how? 

& a rose i built from t-shirt fabric, a length of vintage seam binding Mum got me in New York, velvet ribbon, silk organza & beaded French lace
 fragrance aswirl!
{& first stitches.. .with a blunt darning needle of course :)

~ colouring their world

with a growing collection of gentle Maileg mice, fairy wings & rocking chairs, tuning forks & bobby pins stuck to magnets in the dollhouse, making bracelets from buttons, decorating eggs, pushing prams, reading books, baking cupcakes, tending dolly's..  .{while little angels oversee}

all the loveliest of things!

~ this ample horizon

{that we climb}

evergreens are once again dotting the  snow-speckled mountains, & i try to climb towards them

{the gentle curves of an evening sky; a pale indication that beauty was brewing,}

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

~ the espescially resplendant.. .

a journal cover i am working on,

crocheted roses,

& a smocked clamshell {with silk barnacles & french knots}
sometimes in the things we do there is an element of the especially resplendant,
a fluttering warmth of vibrance,
that visits like loveliness
today i journey with stars in my pocket!