Friday, July 31, 2015

~to be endeared {to a thing},

tired days ~ feeling a little under the weather, 
embroidering medallions, 
etching on paper,
& a treasure trove of sketchbooks from New York Central Art Supplies.. .

still so many shops I've yet to get to,
always getting there just when 
everything closes :(       to name a few;
Tinsel Trading, Hyman Hendler{the ribbons Mary!}, Steinlauf & Stoller, Sposabella Lace, 
Purl Soho.. .
not to mention stroll Central Park {the zoo too!}.. .scale the Rockerfella Center {to view the Empire State Building lol}.. .sail across to Lady Liberty.. .

& generally walk the streets breathing in {& photo-ing} the magnificent workmanship still standing{precious days of yore.. .the legacy we each must leave.. .& really, every time i see the gorgeous stonework stories up, i am in awe of the meticulous & thoughtful time those of old took to create it, & hope to create precious days of my own, 
building hearts,
perpetuating goodness,
endeavouring on.. .}!

they say,

they say when its dark enough, you can see the stars,
so i'm fervently searching,

Saturday, July 25, 2015

~ had i the words,

to describe the hushed, ancient feeling,
of this verdant growth

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

~ the fairies {they visit},

a little cleaning! :)
embroidered medallions,
silk flowers,
painting needlepoint {to ensure the layout & colours i like}
& a bridge from a dream 


~ together

after a decade, finally roping the fams into helping me with some shots! Dad took the 2nd one for me, my sister took all the others on adventures this week.. .thanks guys! teamwork <3

Monday, July 13, 2015

~ & then

.. .New York!

~ i think,

i think i want to carve.. .
[[after seeing some beautiful sculptures & carvings our friends showed us in NYC this week <3 ]]
{"i saw the angel in the glass,
then carved til it appeared" ~Michaelangelo}

~ at home,

feeling right at home in the Old World!