Tuesday, August 22, 2017

~ dream house #18 {birthday edition}

Wishing you all of it today Little One! 
19 years is a long time to miss you!!!

Luv you all the days!!! 

<3 <3 <3

{images via my pinterest image 20 etsy, image 21 velvet strawberries, image 23 hens teeth, image 24 ooshki, image 37 sarah inward, image 38 david austin roses}

~ dream home #17 {the petit series}

frontyard & backyard

images via my pinterest

~ dream home #16 {the petit series}

when i was young, i always loved to read, through thunderstorms, into the quiet of the morning, on cartrips, on weekends.. .

now there never seems time for that, but pinterest is in a way, going on a journey, in 5 minutes you can have visited Italy & Prague, & imagined up tea parties & waterfalls, 

so i began the dream home series as sort of pictorial mini novels {after all, a picture speaks a thousand words}, these imagined realms, 

& in the petit series, sometimes no more than two photos are relevant to that story :)

Happy Dreaming Lovelies!


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~ dream home #15. the garden series

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