Monday, December 31, 2012

~ fresh & white

The world is so fresh & white where i live, having been imbued with the stillness of a beautiful deep sigh.. .

we looked over a valley at sunset, white roofs gleaming, & on the eve of another years voyage, i thought of a quote my younger sister had written in one of her school books;

"The nature of history is narrative ~ a narrative anchored in the continuum of time."

so, in a nod to this continuum of time.. .to remember treasures gleaned, to actually create the gathered inspiration/thought /& skill from my last year's journey, & to continue to find & warm shy hearts by the wayside ~ is something like a New Year's hope i've shaped into a resolution for the coming year's seasons.
& from me, to you, across the pages of time & the oceanic tides of this beautifully billowing blogosphere, Happy New Year!!!!

~ a Christmas rose

we were gifted a wreath by Whole Foods :) being one of the last customers Christmas eve. {i had visions of beautiful wreaths with soft pink peonies & white shooting star hydrangea, or a wreath made of 100 dried roses, alas, we made do with the beautiful scent of evergreen which i was also thankful for.. .most muchly!}
 Christmas morning sung of Le Toy Van Dollhouse toys, which are remarkably lovely, pretty & enjoyably worthwhile for little sisters!!!  & i am really oozing over my pearlized mini cocette from le creuset & wondering how to make a souflee or a tiny shepherds pie, or.. .well, i am no baker! so any recipe suggestions would be most appreciated :)
sunbeams & moonshafts of effervescent proximity for you <3

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

~ this Christmas eve.. ,

 on this eve, a carpark blizzard & an 8 metre flag that seemed to be curling, dancing, & billowing within it,{while the softness of Christmas lights glow upon my heart, wrapping it in stillness ~ a sweet serenity} 

gentlest thoughts! <3

~ a bounty, {a whisper,} a dream

fernes & snow-dipped petals humming

{alongside the hope of gentle morning moments for you!}

Monday, December 24, 2012

"i'm dreaming



of a White Christmas!"
i found the 3rd image while flipping through this beautiful book in the shops & i was smitten, i searched high & low & finally found that it came from an image of anne fontaine's new york space,
 so absolutely lovely!!!
image 1 via, image 2 via,  image 3 anne fontaine collars via, image 4 & 5 via pinterest, image 6 & 8 

~ "Have yourself a Merry Little Christmas!",

& days smudged with the loveliest of things!!! {our days have been felted shoes, dried roses in the shape of Christmas trees, floral stickers, & moments with our cat - tucking himself into bed - folding his arms - & dreaming softly}

{&} a passage from a book:
"the very rags, in fact, which you see before you now. They arrived in Ithaca when the fields lay under a clear evening sky. They lashed me down tightly with a strong rope, disembarked, & hastily took their supper on the beach. But the gods found no difficulty in untying my knots for me. I wrapped my rags round my head, slipped down from the smooth landing plank, quietly breasted the water, & struck out with both hands. Very soon I was out of the sea & beyond their reach."
The Odyssey, book 14~ In Eumaeus' Hut

Merry Christmas!