Thursday, June 27, 2013

~ envelopes & love

crocheting a miniature envelope, under a setting sun.. .
such love!

{& a beautiful writing desk!}

~ {blue} in the silvery light of


w.i.p ~ crocheting pockets, weaving scraps of silk {these days, adding the silvery tones of blue to my powder pink palette,}

shining thoughts!

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

~ blue.


a new favourite!
& growing up beside you, paolo natini
all images via pinterest
{to find out more about these photos, or the original source, please use images in a google search! :)

~ a little bit of journal prepping




{ on this cloudy day.. .caution ~ sunshine ahead? } :)
& loving this class, this sampler, these lanterns, & these roses {a girl can dream?!}
soaring butterflies & gentle prettiness!

Benevolent Thaw ~ {Spring!}

Silver visions,
landscapes that
passed through
the blanket of time

& Seasons
(Sowing, hoping,
tending, out-waiting
Winter's cold length.. .)
Benevolent Thaw
how you rescue me!

sending kind breezes :)

Saturday, June 22, 2013

bottles & bottles of smiles,


some days the sun shines,
splashing little feelings of wonder upon pavements,
tucking bloom-filled fragrances under bridges.. .

roses blooming, dancing toddlers, hair dotted with roses ~ the very best of wonderful!

hope your day is shining lovelies! <3