Thursday, November 29, 2012

~ coming along,

oyster shells coming into being {slowly, of sorts, but glowing :) }
& days speckled with happiness {moist croissants & honey}

~ spearmint found

i had been wondering if this particular shade existed in nature,
& i found it! spearmint, nestled inside a flower of amethyst & plum.. .
oh the loveliest of days!

Saturday, November 24, 2012

~ blossoms


even though everything at this time of year in this part of the world is devoted to getting cozy & bunking down for the Winter, i wanted to post these photos, because right now, my heart is filled with Spring!

such vivid, shimmering loveliness for you!!!

~ the abundant pieces of me ~


fairy's that visited left a silver star & wings the colour of the sea
{with a little bracelet made of flowers i sticky taped to a ribbon.. .colours that melt my heart}

& bringing in the husky on cold Wintery nights{as he hasn't gotten his Winter coat yet}, & the cat, darting into his cage with him, explaining that they now had to share :)

thanksgiving smiles!

~ to find that which seems lost {hidden things}

our thanksgiving flowers, we searched the supermarket frrezer & i thought we would not be able to find a delicate & lovely bouquet, but my sister's keen eye picked out the fresh white gladiola {Mum's fav} & some of the gentlest lilac sweetpeas {which were hidden to me}. we paired them with some tiny purple blooms & baby's breath {of which i'm not a huge fan due to its overuse i guess.. .but it has been like little clouds of fairy kisses floating upon the bench, & seems to have a penchant to inspire me in this setting}
i hope you had a lovely Thanksgiving!
sending the fragrance of lilac <3

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

~ more & more :)

clam shells number 2 & 3 under way.. .i think there shall be more & more of these little beauties around here as the days go on <3
dearest thoughts!!
{p.s the photos are taken on the beautiful backdrop of Zoe Clark's book }

~ how a clam shell came to be

while crocheting a border around New York {the part i saved from my T-shirts, i thought how perfectly that haphazard pattern worked as a shell, & then i crocheted a pearl's nest :)

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Friday, November 16, 2012

~ of gentle things,



the loveliest of all!!!
image 1 via french larkspur, image 2 krista larson, image 3 unknown, image 4 via sweet berry me, image 5 unknown, image 6 via zoe clark

~ today.. .

i would love to live here! <3

image 1 via aDm flickr, image 2 via martine ala maison flickr, image 3 via hideminey ceramics, image 4 unknown, image 5 via lisbeth flickr, image 6 via resurrection fern, image 7 via mimilove4ever, image 8 via tamar mogendorff, image 9 via sweet naomi cakes, image 10 via planet fur flickr