Monday, June 29, 2015

~ Something Special,


These studio photos are from a gorgeous relic of a building,
& really, the moment you walk through the door you feel a part of something special, something that has been hard won, & carefully crafted, it is a really lovely experience!
The spreaders were made by the one & only Ariele Alasko {you have to be very quick to get a piece when she puts them online!}, 
& really the photos cannot do the workmanship justice, they are beautifully carved, delicate to hold, & soft to touch.. . they are really really beautiful ~ & the woods! spalted maple & maple burl ~ how they shine! sigh, too exquisite really!

~ to Perpetuate,

When dear Beth of Alla Moda Fabric handed me a plastic bag impossibly filled with scraps, {or rather, exquisite remnants} of beaded French lace, i promised her i would make good use of it, & i don't think she could ever know, at that point in my life, how much they meant, & how much they continue to mean. i never would have known then, they would end up in New York, but i hope she would be
pleased to see this latest creation in its new home in Brooklyn <3 

~ A Stroll Through,

all this beauty!

~ a week's worth

of lovely!
{spelt & buckwheat pancakes sprinkled with currants, almonds & chia seeds,
a journal in the making,
a plaster backdrop i made for my sister's birthday,
beautiful studio spaces gratefully visited,
& a mannequin i never knew i always wanted :) }
a video,
& feeling glad my blog doesn't look as worn out as me!