Monday, December 2, 2013

Ode to new york p.3

so high up you can barely see, such intricate carvings on
~ an old department store, now home to Home Depot :)
~ & a building near times Square we passed while looking for a car spot {me literally having time to jump out of the car, snap a few photos, then hop back in before we began to inch along again, Times Square is not the easiest place to drive through, although, considering it is new York, we still made pretty decent time!}

& going under the Lincoln Tunnel reminiscing about the first night we went into the city, seeing the cityscape unfold for the first time in all it's twinkling loveliness, the brightly lit buildings larger than life.. .growing up i had never even thought to dream of going here, it seemed far too far fetched of an idea :)

Dream On Dear Hearts! {you never know what is possible} <3

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  1. Oh, my goodness! So marvelous to catch up here and see all your wonderful photos of New York. Isn't it mesmerizing with the amazing architectural details? So happy you are happy and enjoying your new adventure. Merry Christmas!!