Saturday, December 28, 2013

~ {to} Create a Tab,

a pocket sized notebook I carry in my purse, that really seemed to need sections,
so I marked them off as follows:

~Journal #1 {tiny jottings & rememberings of lovely, precious things}
~ Space for Little Ones when we are out & about
~ Journal #2 {a continuance}
~ Drawing {on the occasion when I try to sketch a thing}
~ Inspiration - Art Journalling {I seem to linger there every so often, for as my sister said this week "sometimes you have to get the Picasso out of you so you can focus on the creating the Monet" :)  }
~ Recipes
~ Quotes {Snippets of things I hear, Fervent Admonitions to Remember}
~ Important Numbers

These really organically appeared, since there seemed to be groupings together of things already begun, & space to add the rest :)

the last Merry tree, gleaming still with Christmas roses ~

the tabs, nothing too hard, a tiny strip of patterned paper folded -
strands of sticky tape upon it so it doesn't tear,
& writing on those with a White permanent marker


to carry into the New Year all your favourite written things :)

love hearts & roses!

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