Monday, December 31, 2012

~ a Christmas rose

we were gifted a wreath by Whole Foods :) being one of the last customers Christmas eve. {i had visions of beautiful wreaths with soft pink peonies & white shooting star hydrangea, or a wreath made of 100 dried roses, alas, we made do with the beautiful scent of evergreen which i was also thankful for.. .most muchly!}
 Christmas morning sung of Le Toy Van Dollhouse toys, which are remarkably lovely, pretty & enjoyably worthwhile for little sisters!!!  & i am really oozing over my pearlized mini cocette from le creuset & wondering how to make a souflee or a tiny shepherds pie, or.. .well, i am no baker! so any recipe suggestions would be most appreciated :)
sunbeams & moonshafts of effervescent proximity for you <3

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