Monday, December 31, 2012

~ fresh & white

The world is so fresh & white where i live, having been imbued with the stillness of a beautiful deep sigh.. .

we looked over a valley at sunset, white roofs gleaming, & on the eve of another years voyage, i thought of a quote my younger sister had written in one of her school books;

"The nature of history is narrative ~ a narrative anchored in the continuum of time."

so, in a nod to this continuum of time.. .to remember treasures gleaned, to actually create the gathered inspiration/thought /& skill from my last year's journey, & to continue to find & warm shy hearts by the wayside ~ is something like a New Year's hope i've shaped into a resolution for the coming year's seasons.
& from me, to you, across the pages of time & the oceanic tides of this beautifully billowing blogosphere, Happy New Year!!!!

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