Monday, December 24, 2012

~ "Have yourself a Merry Little Christmas!",

& days smudged with the loveliest of things!!! {our days have been felted shoes, dried roses in the shape of Christmas trees, floral stickers, & moments with our cat - tucking himself into bed - folding his arms - & dreaming softly}

{&} a passage from a book:
"the very rags, in fact, which you see before you now. They arrived in Ithaca when the fields lay under a clear evening sky. They lashed me down tightly with a strong rope, disembarked, & hastily took their supper on the beach. But the gods found no difficulty in untying my knots for me. I wrapped my rags round my head, slipped down from the smooth landing plank, quietly breasted the water, & struck out with both hands. Very soon I was out of the sea & beyond their reach."
The Odyssey, book 14~ In Eumaeus' Hut

Merry Christmas!

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