Friday, May 19, 2017

~ thoughts {reflecting softly}

When you lose someone you love, 
it's the little things each day that you miss, 
things that belonged only to you & them,
& though small, these things make the silence so deafening & so audible you wonder why others around you can't hear it.. .

Our husky passed away a few weeks ago,
he'd been part of our lives & our daily routine for more than a decade
{& although there were several days worth of tears for us.. .}
i think its his little 4 legged friends who miss him the most, 

their playful interactions {even sneaking his treats, or sitting on his bed.. .& how he would let them}

i am glad though, that we had time to say goodbye 
that wasn't there with our sister ,

{for it is truly difficult to be going on a walk or having a tea party one minute, 
then be folding clothes you won't need to fold anymore the next

& the delight of her giggle, & the excitement of her moments no more ringing through the air}

this has been a sombre time, 
{missing his call in the mornings for a walk, & his friendly greetings when we arrived home}
{yet somehow, i feel him close, 
& i think she's glad that he's with her



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