Friday, May 19, 2017

im thankful for a mother who,

loves adventures,

follows inspiration,

cleans, {& is not hesitant to do so ~ morally or literally!}

is brave,

is Kind & Lovely!

will get up at 5am to tend to a sick dog {& is always available in emergencies}, 

brings home little friends,

cooks nourishing, wholesome food 
{whether her kitchen is a gourmet or budget, she gives her best}

who teaches her children to value the principles of the scriptures ~ Kindness, compassion, virtue

When my sister passed away some years ago, her class of tiny schoolmates all wrote her letters saying things like, "She befriended me when i was alone, she shared her ruler when i forgot mine, she always let me borrow her pencil sharpener, she found me on the playground when i didn't have a friend" ~ they were profoundly touched by all her kind acts on their behalf ~ 
& we were profoundly touched at how much she had taken heed of Mum's advice, for every day after school she would cry saying she had no friends, & Mum would remind her others must feel lonely too, & she should look around & help anyone she saw in need.. .

These are the cherished abilities of a mother's reach,
that gentle necessity intrinsic in their nature{if they yearn for it, & do the work required to polish it}

How grateful i am for our Dear Mum,
& for all the ways she has taught us to share, to bear one another's burdens that they may be light, to look for the downtrodden & the weary, to find the forgotten & forsaken & to cherish them & buoy them up.. .

She is indeed a  Precious Petal,  Jewel of Our Hearts!

Love You Mum!!! 

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