Tuesday, October 29, 2013

~ the Old World!

I was talking to a new friend the other day, saying how much I love all the stonework & carvings everywhere here, & she said, "you're in the Old World now!"
one day I will try & go on a photo finding outing, these are more snapshots of life as i'm living them, what I love is driving around & seeing lights on in windows way up high, glimpsing chandeliers behind open curtains & people happily being apart of this great city 

these beautiful old buildings! about 400 feet up in the air there is a beautiful 3 story stone bay window jutting out, balancing, from this building, it was amazing! although you could barely see it from the street, & I couldn't even get it in the frame!.. .I pointed upwards & said to Mum, can I live there :)

even on Wall St prayer has found a place! there are plaques & statues everywhere!

sending a little sparkle!

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