Wednesday, October 16, 2013

~ 12 states later.. .

I stood here!

I was so happy when we finally saw this sign, & knew we had arrived! {safely, shining}

the old peeps :)

having a spot of food with Mum

New York is amazing! Life here is audible, bustling along as you would imagine...taxis honking, people jaywalking, smoke rising into the streets from the subways hurtling along below, every nook & cranny of vertical & horizontal space has been filled in some ingenius way with something of need, something denoting life.. . Large shops, small shops, little pizza places nestled in alleyways, it's a palpable hive of activity, people everywhere going about the business of living & organizing their moments each day
.. .tonight I stood at the banks of the Hudson, & the beauty was of awe-inspiring proportion.. . 
today I saw two school girls in the middle of an unhealthy looking neighbourhood befriend each other, & Shine! & I thought, Goodness is of the most relevant goal to achieve each day, Kindness~helping one another, they are the loveliest things of all!

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