Tuesday, August 8, 2017

~ wish lists & mourning doves.. .

~ heart thoughts,
pages in progress,
& a dear little dove that coos on the rooftop {nearly} every morning

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i haven't had time to do as many posts as i'd like about paint selection, brushes, sketchbooks, palettes & the like, so i thought you might like to peruse some of my wish lists with a variety of materials & price ranges

you can find the lists here on a PC

or individually:

These lists contain some of my favorite things {like Escoda paint brushes} but many things i have yet to discover myself, so i can't vouch for the quality of everything. I can say that for the paint tube list, i have watched {quite!} a few swatching/unboxing videos on youtube & think that in those brands, this would be my absolute comprehensive list of favs!

However, i can vouch for most of the children books ~ some of our favs, "Where my Wellies Take Me", "Three Bears In A Boat", "Hermelin", "Brambly Hedge", "Oliver's Tree" & just about everything Illustrated by Melissa Sweet

The Cake List is a great place to start if you'd like to try cake decorating! 

in the stationary list, i was shocked to find a $17 sharpener with a leather pouch, but somehow it is a very important part of that list :) the Faber Castell watercolor Graphite on this list is my go to for sketching, it's really nice!
also, Micron 005, love these wispy lil pens!

The Sketch Book Wish List basically goes on & on ~ because i think it always shall!  i really love cotton paper & am excited to try the new Cotton Midori's, & also the cotton Strathmore mixed media journal ~ although it's not specifically for watercolor i'd like to see if the cotton pages can hold up, since i really love that paper.. .
{also, love the white moleskine volants!}

 the Watercolor Brush list is a little incomplete, i really love angular shaders but i do not like  brushes made with synthetic hair, it just doesn't feel right on the paper or let the paint flow well{i did get one off amazon with synthetic hair &, although i love the angular shape/size{1/4"}, i just can't put it on the list!} so i have yet to find a kolinsky angular for that list.. .i did get an Isabey Travel Brush each for my sister & i & we both Love it! It's a beautiful brand!

The paint palettes ~ theres a good selection for every price! i really love the enamel whisky painters type, but they are expensive! i got one a few weeks ago for $19.95 {its on the wish list} even though its for tubes not half pans, i can easily configure half pans to fit in there, which I'm terribly excited about, 

so that's just a super quick overview ~
happy browsing! have a gorgeous day! :)


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