Friday, December 2, 2016

~ this bounty,

this thanksgiving has been bountiful in so many wonders & treasures,

in gratitude, for the long journey & where we've climbed{they say the climb is hardest nearest the summit}
for sisters & dear ones, where're they may be,
for gold paint & window shopping,
for softness of moments{especially because the weeks leading up to, & the days directly after, have been filled with Quite! an amount of heartache{think moving house, several trips to hospital, severe prolonged back pain from hauling heavy things, 
& many other things too tender to post.. .

because this blog is not where i post my personal hardships,

this blog is where i post my hope

& so.. .}
for 24 hours, there was respite ~ a long, deep breath under starry skies & {what felt like} candlelit dinner parties, with warm fires & gold flecks of paint swirling upon pages
~ & it was in that moment, i Shimmered ~
gratitude aswirl & awhir 
in it's beauty & longevity of life

so today, i bundle some of these little pearls up, 
& send them to you,

with Love

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