Tuesday, August 11, 2015

~ to end an Evening,

after a lovely {albeit fairly quick} stroll ~ as we got there a little too late, but then, maybe on time after all :)  ~ & a small FaceTime with a dear one in Australia, we were walking back to the car & passing these majestic ones faring for a carriage ride, {& though no carriage ride :) } we were talking to one of the carriage men {?} with his top hat & discovered he 's from El Salvadore, my Dad then proceeding to ask him about the Great Christus Statue on the Mountain in Brazil, to which the fellow replied, "oh we ha one ob those in the middle of our city too, because  He not just their Sabiour, He Sabiour ob de Whole World, you see, everybody dere Christian, eberyone believe in Christ" :) it was nice to hear, he was very nice! Then as we were talking along came a personal chef working for some royalty way up in the skyscape above us.. .it is a little astounding & Lovely, the 
fragrant mecca of a precious outing 

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