Thursday, November 28, 2013

~ gratitude

{a day of reflection,
& the giving of Thanks}


a list of things i'm grateful for to come,
but meanwhils, listening to Nat King Cole's Nature Boy & Mahalia Jackson Steal Away, {how gentle, how soothing!}

.. .how very grateful i am for;
i} a letter we received from Russia this week that began, "Dear Loved Ones, the glistenings of my heart,"
ii} Mum's new journals, Christian Lacroix & the New York City Skyline, {places to pen all her fervent things},
iii} the small things that endear us to each other, "can i have honey in my bottle?"
iv} frosted leaves in the lake that appeared with the rain
v} fragrances & velvet {softness for the senses}

but most of all {especially at this time of year}

vi} Christmas warmth {the Saviour's Love ~ enough & to spare!}

tender thoughts,

{images via pinterest}

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