Friday, February 15, 2013

~ a walk in the snow

 last week i was in the city with my Mum. it was snowing, & all of a sudden i remebered that we were right near the temple, i have always wanted to photograph it in the snow, how it was built~ through 40 long Winters. the architect was sent to Europe to study all the remarkable landmarks abroad, back in the 1800's. & there i was in 2013, snowflakes covering me, soaking my curls, risking my camera, & not really dressed for the snow{as certain passers-by pointed out, while other blokes toting chevy camaro's revved their cars around corners sliding on the ice in hopes i would notice.. .i may have peeked :) the wierd thing is the snow did not really show up in the photos, but it was entirely magical, through the falling flakes of evening light, when they turned the lights on the temple!
lovely thoughts

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