Wednesday, November 7, 2012

~ a t-shirt mat {a rag rug}

after seeing these two lovely mats in progress,
i decided to join the adventure of making a rag rug.
i was able to get a few brushed cotton tshirts from the outlet stores for very little, & away i went,
cutting them in strips {one long continuous one really, with sort of t intersections at the edges}
winding them into balls

then stitching {crocheting} together 5 pieces to begin to plait

after stitching the small centre mat together, i hope to crochet a border with more shirts/pillowcases that i collect {i would also love to wind it very loosely onto a wet felting station & wetfelt the plaited threads into a beautiful woollen mat! day}

as it it, i stitched it together

& only did a border of one round of crochet {using my finger as the hook}

& i shall leave it as a sweet little mat until some more material appears

p.s if you google rag rug, there are lots of lovely youtube vids & pinterest tuts floating around!

lovely sailing to you today! {& thoughts & prayers for that great harbour, New York!!!}

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