Friday, October 26, 2012

~ {microbead} roses

i recently found some clear microbeads at Michaels craft store. i was so excited because i have wanted to try this for a long time.
this was my first attempt, so a little uneven but this is what i learned:

make a paper rose.
add a wire stem.
cut out pairs of leaves{a back & a front}
attach wire{with glue} in between the 2 sides of each leaf, then wire them into a vine, or onto the stem of the rose.

i skipped some steps here, i simply painted the rose then tipped the microbeads on, it works but for longer lasting/better coverage results i would,

paint everything.
let dry.
brush on glue, fully saturating the painted rose or leaf {work with one at a time}.
tip microbeads on & let dry. i tip them over a plastic cup so i can reuse the excess then return whats left to the little tub.

{first attempts :)

& a journal i made for the sparkling scribblings of a little one after she brought me a scrap of leather & asked if she could have a "speciaw journaw". We do all the most important projects in there, flocked cerise hearts & hand stamping with paint :)

then enjoy your sparkling creation!!! <3

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