Monday, September 10, 2012

~ how possibly so!

a colourboard/inspiration piece to remind me of things that inspire me today, crocheted flowers, a bracelet of lilac, my soft pink hydrangeas that turned to lavendar when pressed, painted roses, picot edges & ribbonsilk. i want it to look like my Little Nanna's house, crackled peeling wallpaper entwined delicately within soft folds of tenderness & the loveliness of life
& below, a gift i wrapped for my Mum to drop by a little bit of kindness & cheer to one who needed it so, layering flowers with ribbon & shimmer


"When we bead, we pray. And when we have finished our work, we choose one bead of a different colour so that our work is flawed, to remind us that noone is perfect."
Apache Mother {Miracle at Sage Creek}


my second inspiration board, born of powder blue, because i am genuinely melted by this colour lately.i filled it with my favourite little pieces{a little tag from Gumnut Yarns that says Australian grown & spun! a lace butterfly, a glittering sticker, some pearl white stamen, a cornflower blue ribbon & my favourite aqua silk, with a crocheted edge}, & i'm sure i shall add more... i made the frame myself! i found the two pieces of decorative dowling at Michael's craft shop, used my dad's mitre saw to trim the edges, then painted it a darker shade with a lighter shade dry-brushed over the top.

& on a mint-green day:

little droplets of heaven to you!!!



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